Sue O’Who



To name and create a brand for
Ireland’s first online mortgage-switching platform.

Part of the RichardsDee team that delivered
Concept Development, Design, TOV.

YEAR 2019

AGENCY RichardsDee

Celine Dee & Steve Payne, Martin Fanning
& Me (Susannah O'hUadhaigh), Eavan Fallon.

2020 Shortlist in the IDI 2020 awards for new branding scheme.
2019 100 archive selection 2019

Over the past 10 years, people have
become sceptical of banks and traditional lenders and when it comes to mortgages, consumers feel the banks always win. The brand needed to compel and convince consumers of how easy it is to switch mortgage online and save considerable amounts of their hard-earned money.

The months of the strategy behind this project is what helped us develop the name, positioning, purpose, values and proposition ‘Mortgage Switching Made Easy’. By working closely with the strategy directors we were able to form the tone of voice which was a crucial part of getting consumers to engage with the brand. A disarming, consumer-centric tone was used throughout the communications. ‘Think less T&C’s, more TLC.’ The tone is authentic, down to earth, and always helpful, simple and clear. We also used simple, playful illustrations that brought the switching-benefits to life, including a couple on holidays, travelling and renovating a spare room with the money saved.