Sue O’Who



What happened?
One weekend myself and Arron decided to try our hands at the Young Lions competition. Sadly we did not get first, second or even third but you know what doing it is half the battle.

How can we use print as the catalyst to recruit 1,000
donors each committed to investing $10 per month?


WTF is Springboard?:
Springboard core belief is that every young person deserves equal opportunities to succeed, to live a healthy independent life regardless of their background, race, religion, or home life. It gives young people opportunities to gain education qualifications, receive training and mentoring support, get into employment.

Idea in two sentences:
Kids in poverty have a lot more turns causing them to go down bad paths. We want to help these kids find their right path.

Idea in many sentences:
Snakes and Ladders is a game of chance, with equal amounts of opportunity and loss, it’s a metaphor for life. You win some, you lose some, you win some more again. But what if the odds were stacked against you and you’re left with more losses than wins? This represents kids at Springboard, they don’t have the equal opportunity that most do.

Our idea shows Snakes and Ladders with a twist. The snakes have been replaced with pitfalls and vices of life that bring challenges to your growth and development, such as alcohol, drugs, and trauma. There’s only one big ladder which goes across most of the board. This represents your second chance, to avoid the bad in favour for the good. Your opportunity to go to Springboard for a brighter future.